A miracle that brought us together


(WYMT) – We fight through our lows together, that way we can celebrate our highs as one.

During the last couple days, we watched with broken hearts as crews searched for 22-month-old Kenneth Howard. As the clock raced forward, we worried time would run out. Rescuers tirelessly tracked through these mountains. A father, battling back tears, fought to hold out hope. We worried together, prayed together, and today – today we rejoiced together.

We learned the definition of resilience, something the mountains are known for.

Dehydrated, but alive. 22-month-old Kenneth Howard persevered through the cold temperatures, the steep terrain. He went days without food or water and, as eloquently announced today, he’s “a true Kentucky mountain boy”.

In the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, we have felt the pain of loss before. Sometimes it almost seems like a constant; not today.

The crews never gave up, even while battling back tears. Many men and women went days without sleep because they were determined not to accept what many others might.

This story was not just about the mountains, but about the nation. People from across the country reached out wondering what they could do and how they could help. It’s during our darkest times that our colors shine brightest, and today our colors would continue to shine as the darkness faded away.

Tonight, as you spend your evening with family or friends, here’s an idea: hold them a little closer. Appreciate that you can spend time with them, and love that time for how precious it truly is.

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