Top 10 Smelliest Celebrities

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2004 05 25 0183 32 Movie Talk Top Ten Smelliest Celebrities! Link Pitt voted smelliest celebrity! Agencies Updated 2004 05 20 10 00 If you are one of those.Well, we did some digging and found some accounts of how these celebrities smelland it’s not nice. Take a look at some celebs with alleged bad odor. Gwyneth Paltrow During the Met Gala reports were rolling in that she had a distinct odor under the lights..A friend told me about an off the record list of celebrities with unpleasant body odor, where Brad Pitt supposedly featured as 3. Some Googling later, I found out Brad has moved up to 1!.Celebrities always look fabulous on the screen. However, some of them have terrible odurs in real life. Check out these 24 surprisingly stinky celebs..16 Hollywood stars who smell as bad as Robert Pattinson. Hollywood stars might look the part but apparently they don’t always smell the part. While you might expect your favourite celebs Robert Pattinson, cough cough to bathe in tubs made of gold, turns out some of them don’t actually bathe at all and sometimes go WEEKS without showering..

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Top Smelliest Celebrities

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Top Smelliest Celebrities

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Top Smelliest Celebrities

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